Seattle officially broke 100 degrees today. This is only the 4th or 5th time it has ever done that since ordered regular observation began in 1893.

Purple Air is just scary and this screenshot was made well after peak heat. My parents are doing ok in Bellevue. They're spending the whole day in the one room in the house with an AC unit. Seattle has a very low percentage of dwellings equipped with AC because it just doesn't get this hot pretty much ever.

In my town in California, its police are rather brutal with protesters.

#belarus #politics

The democratic rebellion against the fascist regime in Belarus is about two months old now.

People still protest every Sunday, still in impressivly large numbers.
ten thousands of people are detained, several have succumbed to their torture wounds.

Several sources to follow the resistance:

I am new to this, this decentralized idea is pretty neat.

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