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New people πŸ™‚ Welcome

Feel free to say something and mention me: @JohanEmpa to get a conversation going.

Perhaps try a "hello mastodon" as your first toot/post. Or say something about yourself or why you are on Mastodon now?

Just ask me if there is anything you want to know.

Tips: On the web you can turn on advanced mode to see more than one column.

Tusky is a good app for Android

We're looking forward to USA joining the Paris agreement again.

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You know the Flintstones car, and you know paddle boats. πŸ€”

What if we take parts from two electrical bicycles and build a car around them?

The perfect city car, not stone age, but close enough to feel like a cave person while driving. 🦴πŸ’ͺ🀠

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The team behind "Riot" renamed their messenger to "Element" last year.
- pretty good move

I believe that better social apps could drastically reduce the mis- and disinformation problem.

Federation of social apps open up for innovation and testing of different approaches.

I was a bit on Twitter yesterday, during the riot on Capitol hill.

To me it looked like misinformation and disinformation was spreading fast. The trending hashtags seem to amplify this. Perhaps the algorithm too.

Imagine if all people was on Mastodon and Twitter didn't exist, would the misinformation problem be just as big?

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Mastodon also has the ability to add image descriptions to your media posts, and we highly recommend you add them whenever possible.

When you upload an image, simply click the "Edit" button to be able to change its crop and add a description. It doesn't have to be too detailed, even a single sentence to get the idea across is helpful.

This goes a long way to helping make our community more accessible to folks who use screen readers. :bowie_stardust:

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A reminder that Mastodon has tools such as block, mute, and "Hide Boosts" to help you curate your experience, and we recommended you use them.

Is there someone who appears in your timelines often who you'd rather not see? Feel free to mute/block! A hashtag/topic that one person won't stop talking about? Filter it! A person who boosts way too much for your liking? Go to their profile, click the "…" button, and select "Hide boosts!"

Make this the social experience *you* want! :bear_hugs:

What is that β€½
- an interrobang

The combination of ! and ?
It's cool, but probably worse than !? when you look at it closely 🧐

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A pengu for my grandma who likes pengus. With that, I finally have all Christmas gifts done! I'm never doing that again ... knitting ALL Christmas gifts is a really bad idea, especially when you start in December. (Pattern by Amanda Berry.)

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Remember when everything was cake?
Maybe I present you the "everything is lego food" instead ❀️

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Happy winter/summer solstice!

The flower is from mid-summer, and is a reminder that the light will always return.

The flower is: Trollius chinensis 'Golden Queen'

#Solstice #Solarpunk #Florespondence @plants #Plants

The 2018 Australian ball-tampering scandal, also known as the Sandpapergate scandal, was a cricket scandal surrounding the Australian national cricket team. - wiki

Good idea to sandpaper the ball on TV? yeah-nah, as the Australians say. πŸ™ƒ

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