@InvaderXan Do you happen to have any advice on how to reach many people without advertising? Genuine question. I'm trying to find 100 persons I don't know for my instance.

Non profit organizations and social companies also use marketing but if there are better ways I'm interested.

Wouldn't a lot of people lose their jobs if businesses didn't find customers? It's not always about profit as far as I can see, many businesses can't pay salaries if they customers don't find them.

@InvaderXan @JohanEmpa And in many cases shouldn't be treated as disposable.

Computers are very environmentally costly to manufacture (which I'm not sure recycling would do much to fix), but we're now putting them in everything! And replacing our phones each year! Because advertising!

I've long been doing everything I can in my own life to counter this...

@alcinnz They are, like so many electronic products. I mean a burden on the environment.

At least the climate part of it is technically solved now, but sadly not implemented on a large scale yet.

The old answer was listing in directories and classified ads. There is a "cool instance" list and a couple other directory services for fedi, but the pattern is less popular than it used to be

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