- One day, One image, One Halloween theme.

What if we do this at the the last day of - ?

It could become a challenge within the challenge, or a thing on it's own.

What do you artists over at mastodon.art think of the idea?


@Rheall @Curator

I just saw Alphonso Dunn's video.

Not taking any side in the conflict, but perhaps we're not doing at all this year?

Even when is separate it might be too close to the word "ink" to feel good.

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@Rheall @Curator

What if we do nothing in October except the last day. We start with the horrible and then go positive into ?

- all kind of drawings, including digital, not only ink?

Or we skip the horrible 2020 and go straight into next year?

Why is the world so complicated?

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@Rheall @Curator
sorry to include you again in this long thread.

Just saw that drawember.com exist since several years ago and it's a drawing challenge.

One option for people could be to just skip this year and do instead. Or do both, or none.

I'm not an artist, life is simple.

@JohanEmpa #Drawember sounds cute, I like it! :D

I bet many people are used to October and may go with #drawtober or #artober (without having a pun) or #monoctober (to keep the joy of having a pun).

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