@sep Are all those images from places you've been to?

@JohanEmpa hi.
most of them. London and the weather forecast sign, are NOT. I' ve not been there yet.

@JohanEmpa it costs me two cheap digital cameras . takin. them ^^.
They broke down. i hadn't had the nerve getting a third one , while warranty.

@JohanEmpa hi again.
And the image showing the harbour of Beirut isn't by me, also. Sorry.
It is some kind of important to me, cause the Harbour buildings were blewn away by explosion, not long ago.

@JohanEmpa ^^. I am Not that interesting as some images may suggest.

@sep Well, in these day and age it's relaxing to see normal people. A quick look at Instagram and one wonders what the world has come to.

Many of those images looks like lovely places. Calm and relaxing.

The Niedersachsen bridge was interesting. Never seen a project like that.

@JohanEmpa thx. Most b. places can only be found by feet or bike, for paths beeing that narrow.

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