I was a bit on Twitter yesterday, during the riot on Capitol hill.

To me it looked like misinformation and disinformation was spreading fast. The trending hashtags seem to amplify this. Perhaps the algorithm too.

Imagine if all people was on Mastodon and Twitter didn't exist, would the misinformation problem be just as big?

@JohanEmpa how does mastodon differ? Is there an inherent difference in this platform that reduces the spread of disinformation or has it just been pitched to a certain group? Is this just another echo chamber?

@emissarytoearth probably no inherent difference in regard to disinformation at the moment, but new ways to reduce it could be invented.

Mastodon is built with ActivityPub, so it's open for other microblogging apps to connect with it. Anyone can make a new app. More people trying stuff increases the chance to find something that works.

There no algorithm for the timeline so it may be less of an echo chamber.

@JohanEmpa interesting! Definitely something that is needed. It seems like its just an issue of audience in someway, rather than infrastructure that has been developed. Look at Parler (sp?) As an example. As fascists are driven into the dark again they may simply find a new host. We need to get ahead of it to stop disinformation, but that's quite labor intensive.

@JohanEmpa Misinformation would still spread, but it would be more endemic. Hopefully, wise curation and local communities means that misinformation is refuted quickly without withering into echo chambers.

@JohanEmpa yes. Critical thinking is a skill that needs to be checked on a daily basis, just as Democracy.

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