@selea because people in USA and EU all live in America. "Amerika is wunderbar"
hmm, I'm not even sarcastic, America is mostly wunderbar.

Signal is American and hence everyone speak about that app. They probably do some kind of marketing or PR without even thinking about it.

Element is the app we should speak about, because it's better.

@JohanEmpa @selea I (much prefer and) use Element with the geeks and I recommend Signal to the rest. I can't imagine having to explain Matrix to the not-nerds. On-boarding is not what people expect or are used to. There are some attempts at building Android clients with a more traditional (in the sense of WhatsApp) UX, but it's not there.


@mikael @selea
Yes, the absolute key to any kind of widespread adoption of Matrix is to make a client as easy to use as WhatsApp. Onboarding must be smooth as Snapchat. There's always time later to become an advanced user.

If I can get a company going I would like to make a messenger. It's one of the three clients I'm dreaming about for Albin Social.

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