This so much better than the silly "flight shame".

They are going to make sustainable aviation fuel from:

✳️ Wind (electricity)
✳️ Water (H2)
✳️ Air (CO2)

@JohanEmpa Very interesting press release indeed. Covid 19 gives humankind the chance to rethink things thoroughly. Honestly, humankind will fail again, miserably. There is plenty of money, see

So there should be diverting of cash to support/grant subsidies as Zenid seems to be very promising.

And if - in the long run - there will be a "green" fuel, there still is the problem regarding the considerable aircraft noise...


@martin yes noise is a difficult problem. You're right there is money and I think they should subsidise renewable fuel to get it going. Later some flights will become electric or perhaps hybrid.

I may have read somewhere that EU want to create incentives for renewable airplane fuels to happen. Something like demanding a certain percent to be mixed in with regular fuel and increasing it every year. Not sure where I read it, or if I remember it correct.

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