Just saw this research from Chalmers. It's a new type of battery.

It only has 20 % capacity of a normal battery, but the good thing is that it doesn't need the heavy battery part. It's like carbon fibre, you can build stuff with it, at least that's what they're aiming for.

"A structural battery is one that works as both a power source and as part of the structure – for example, in a car body."

@JohanEmpa . We've been hearing for quite a while that electric cars are good and the way forward. I've often wondered about this because lithium for batteries is actually quite rare and extracting it is nasty toxic work.

@JohanEmpa I read recently that the idea of a sodium battery is gaining strength. Currently (no pun) 80% as good as lithium, but sodium is far more available and far less difficult to deal with.

@jollyman Perhaps all three types of batteries can be useful in various settings. Maybe lithium in cars and sodium in houses with solar panels, or something like that.

@JohanEmpa I can't quote figures, but I suspect that the amount of lithium needed for cars in the next decade or so is likely to seriously deplete what is available.

Lithium is a surprisingly uncommon element both on Earth and in the universe as a whole.

@jollyman I was under the impression that it would be enough, but I haven't dived deep into the topic.

@JohanEmpa I think it's more than that. Almost all the lithium we will ever have comes from an area in S America and the extraction is ecologically bad. Search for Lithium Triangle and you might find some stuff :)

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