What can this type of drawing be called in proper English? Is it a headfooting?

In Sweden we call it huvudfoting.

It seems like there is no common English word for this type of drawing? I don't find it on the internet, and not on Wikipedia.

Almost all children draw this type of human when they are somewhere between 3-5 years old.

Maybe we have to invent a word?

As we know there is a lack of words in English that consist of two words, so we might as well add a new word to the languauge.

Perhaps something like this could be suitable:


It's clearly not a stick figure, because stick figures have a torso.

@JohanEmpa In German this is called a "Kopffüßler" (free translated: head footy). A cephalopod is a "Kopffüßer" without a "l".

Thanks :-)
It seems like Sweden, Germany, Netherlands and Norway have exactly that type of word.

@JohanEmpa Probably 'headperson' would work best. However, I think that such a figure is often drawn with a combined head and body. Think 'Mr Men' (The Mr Men and Misses surely are known beyond Britain?).

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