Berlin is almost like a tropical country at the moment. 😎 🏝️ 30 °C

Or country, Berlin is more like an island floating around in the wider sea of the German country.

Thales of Miletus thought that Earth is a flat disc floating on water. Look at a grass island, it floats

It has since been proven that earth is a sphere of water. It's held together by gravity

Our continents are curved and floating on the water

There's a layer of groundwater and wet soil caused by rain

Berlin is a continuous urban area of houses, asphalt and stone pavements.

The city floats on the wet soil.

It's the same Archimedes principle as when a ship carry stones.

@JohanEmpa The same heat wave stretches as far as Finland. It's pretty amazing, I don't think we get 30+°C in June that often. The lakes will be warm for Midsummer next weekend...

@harri I can't even remember any June in Sweden with 30 °C. Maybe it's record temperatures for Finland and Sweden.

@JohanEmpa At least very exceptional, Sweden just had the warmest June day since 1947. Finnish June record is 33,8°C I hear...

@JohanEmpa and tectonic plates are floating on lava 10 km underneath?

@Chris Nah it's easy to draw that conclusion but it's not correct.

Lava become stone as it cools down in contact with water. Then it's not lava any more. It cannot touch water. We can see that happening in Iceland. So how do we explain lava?

The ground is is quite thick (thousands of meter) and it's very warm in the center. Lava is caused by heat radiating from hell. Both hell and lava exist in the center of the continental landmass, halfway down between the surface and the sea water below.

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