It's international translation day today :flan_cheer: 😃

Can you translate this into your language:
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
A blue rabbit hops around on the internet.
--- ------ --- --- --- --- ---
How many languages can we do?

En blå kanin hoppar runt på internet. (Swedish)

En blå kanin hopper rundt på internettet. Danish (da), close to Swedish.

This is so fun. "azul" must be blue in Portuguese? 😀

@JohanEmpa Yes! The translation from english to portuguese is almost word for word in this case, with some reordering here and there!

A = Um
Blue = azul
Rabbit = coelho
Hops = salta
Around on the = pela
Internet = internet [surprised-pikachu.jpg]

"Pela" is a contraction of "por" (around, throghout) and "a" (the).

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