Hmm - Toki Pona is a language invented 2001. :flan_hacker:

Aha - Fully spaced out alphabet. :flan_stars:

Neon - Maya. :flan_hearts:

@JohanEmpa - A group of hobbyist that I belonged to created another small auxiliary language called "ninu" (meaning small).

Ninu used four vowels and 16 consonants to create a maximum of 4096 two-syllable wordstems. One or more prefixes could be added to the wordstem to make phrases. The 64 (4*16) prefixes were single-syllable.

The alphabet was a bit like 7-segment number displays but had eight segments forming a ladder-like shape.

That was interesting. It must be a very challenging task to create a new (serious) language.

The 8 finger keyboard with corresponding segment characters sounds like it could be something, somehow. But on the other hand it may be good to move the hands a bit to avoid static work.

Some time ago I saw a keyboard optimized for the German language.

It would be a cool project to do the same, but optimize it for all EU languages.

@JohanEmpa - My favourite text input software is Dasher but my most used text input device is a Logitech k380 nordic.

My current project is to get a blank keyboard for my .

@vattuvarg tried Dasher as mobile web demo. That thing definitely has a lot of potential.

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