Any thoughts on the outcomes of the COP26 conference?

🔸 They almost agreed to "phase out" coal, but a few countries insisted on "phase down" instead.

🔸 Brazil and 100 other countries pledged to reverse deforestation by 2030.

🔸 140 countries are now going for net-zero (That's about 90 % of global emissions)

@JohanEmpa 'almost phased out' sounds like 'I almost didn't cum', sorry for maybe being a bit gross.
But yeah, anything is better than going forward over-consuming, I suppose.
I'm not too optimistic about the results though. Will it be enough for us to survive?
I'd think a different mindset in all of us is needed. Less people, less growth, more in touch with nature...we and our children can't have it all...try to stop buying new stuff for a month and we'll talk again 😊….but what do I know...

@JohanEmpa - I have to agree with Greta Thunberg, was really not much more than greenwashing. ...and thus a huge failure.

Pity the people of Glasgow that have to hear the name of their home town connected with such a shameful event.


Activists are disappointed. I am running a poll on a reddit forum and most members are very negative.

But i am more optimistic. Its like the turning of the Titanic. It can only turn very slowly. put yourself in the shoes of somebody who governs on behalf of a billion people... You are not going to just accept what others are pushing if it threatens your trajectory.

Everything that happens on this front happens for the first time. Most important not to lose focus

Yes, I agree, it's a naturally slow process. More can be done, but there are some real life limits.

The good thing. Once a giant container ship has turned, all sailing boats will adjust their course.

@JohanEmpa I felt this conference was again marked by what *wasn’t* on the agenda. For example reducing growth dependency (of rich nations), restoring banking and credit into public hands, changing the way land is governed, overhauling the intellectual property system etc. Everyone outside the conference centre seemed to agree, to some extent, that you can't have infinite growth on a finite planet - but that wasn't even on the table for discussion in the halls.

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