It's a Mastodon design choice to not have full search and to not have quote toots.

What's your opinion on it?

It's explained here:

@JohanEmpa not allowing quotes is probably a good thing. it seems to work as a sort of aggresive tool, either to mock somebody or to try to create viral / lemming behavior where we all nod "yeah, yeah, yeah"

in any case I suppose you can always link to a toot status so it does not prevent a reference

with full search its harder to follow his logic :-) For example this statement: "People and brands search for their own name to self-insert into conversations they were not invited to." ??

@JohanEmpa maybe the real reason is that it makes setting up an instance more complicated :-)

please don't quote me on that 🙂

@openrisk @JohanEmpa if only I could... 😅

Rather annoying is that the official iOS app doesn't open links to mastodon profiles or posts in-app but in the browser... After reading I wonder if that is to make the 'quoting' harder?

A public text with a reply feature (open to anyone in the whole world) is an invitation to reply, isn't it.

Maybe Mastodon need an option to turn off replies or to limit replies only to invited people?

@JohanEmpa yeah. its a poor excuse. full text search is indispensable for people to get the most out what is being exchanged, discussed etc.

i think it would be handy to have a sort of bifurcation: vanishing toots that are just chating (transient, throwaway) and permanent toots that become some sort of long lived record, link collection and knowledge base

that permanent stuff ideally can be tagged, searched, groupped and organized etc. in as many ways as possible

mastodon IS NOT twitter :-)

@JohanEmpa Reading the explanation, I'm not sure I understand the reasons for no full search functionality. I do get the no-quotes allowed stance. Personally, I like that. I speak my own mind, or 'I' reply to 'you'.For me that makes the posts I read more personal. ...which I why I choose to stay around.

I also don't understand the search part. Search is a great way to find information, obviously.

Is it really that much abuse that it needs to be turned off? Perhaps abuse could be prevented in other ways.

What you say about quotes sounds good.

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