This is the graph I'm looking at.

The Norwegians drive billions of km every year. Are they not doing anything else than driving in that country. Billions!? 😄

@JohanEmpa I’m driving as I toot this. 🚗

(Just kidding. I don’t drive at all.)

And apparently the distance they drive each year is increasing...

but that increase is not a problem, is it, as long as it's electrical driving?

Nothing inherently wrong with driving. Mining and all that can be done reasonably environmentally friendly.


@JohanEmpa @tfardet

I would say there is something inherently wrong with driving more, as that means higher energy usage, and therefor pollution.

@dieortin @tfardet
True that, you're right, even if it's wind and solar. But it's probably not much. There's some PM2.5 and PM10 dust also, from the brakes and tyres.

@JohanEmpa Scandinavia gets hyped a lot as a hyper-progressive place, but gaddamn if it isn’t true(Ok, Sweden’s a bit ​:flan_eyes_narrowed:​ sometimes).

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