Don't know if it's Chinese people or Chinese bots signing up today?

What do you think we should do with it?

Current community guidelines says:

"For practical moderation reasons we may remove post written in non-EU languages."
and our Terms says

"Our services are for people in the European union and you must live within the EU (EEA) to sign up for an account at the moment."

We will review our Community guidelines and Terms.

You can voice your opinion.

One option is to send them a warning and ask them to write in English or one of the other European languages.

Suspend has two versions:

▫️ warning -> wait and see if they are humans willing to write in English/EU languages -> suspend

▫️suspend immediately with explanation

Another option would be for you as a user to filter them out based on language.

@JohanEmpa I like this two step process but it makes a bit more work for you I think

@JohanEmpa Hi Johan, You host the server and we agreed with 'your' rules, so if you want to enforce that by banning non-european accounts, that seems fair.
I was testing my opinion on allowing everyone as long as they posted in a language I could read, but that doesn't hold....I cannot read french or spanish or italian, and i'm not fluent in german. so yeah, I'm going for suspension of non-eu accounts.

@JohanEmpa As a Brit is it cheeky of me to request changing EU to Europe or 'EU (including former EU countries)' in the guidelines?

We've lost so with Brexit and being eventually pushed off here if the rules need tightening would be terrible.

Fully understand your concerns. We have to review our guidelines together in the community and find out how to go forward.

With UK the language is zero issue and most likely laws, VAT and paperwork are not overwhelming.

@JohanEmpa there are a bunch of non-EU languages, do Chinese especially bother you? Why?
Besides, you give ridiculous options that look seemingly generous. The first option and the third one can actually do not conflict with each other, do they?

I personally like Chinese characters, I find them beautiful to look at.

It's just that we can't understand the language, so we don't know if it's spam, bots or real human interactions. It's the same with other languages.

Today very many people from China joined us here. It's a cost issue, we can't afford to offer our services to the whole world.

I've visited China and it's a great country with nice people.

@JohanEmpa as I know, many Chinese people come to Mastodon social partly because they currently do not know that there are some Chinese instances available. What they want is just a platform of free speech so they come and join.
The problem of cost is totally understandable and you could make it clear to your users. But your post makes me feel unwelcome.
Anyway, mastodon is great and thank you!

I thought it was a wave of spam-bots.

I'm so sorry. It's nothing against you or people from China.

We will try to write better information to avoid misunderstandings.

@JohanEmpa 😊it’s okay. Communication matters.
Indeed, clear guidelines are necessary for a lot of people who want be a part of this open community.

@JohanEmpa Just looking myself and the hashtag translates to "ShanghaiIsolationClosedObservation". @ volcano goes on to post about using their pass to go out for supplies. Looks unlikely that they are in Europe

@JohanEmpa ask to write English. I'm not exactly a EU-citizen myself (🇨🇭), but I think using an european language is reasonable.

@JohanEmpa I am one of the Chinese people signed up today.This is your instance so it is fine that users obey your rules.Any desicion would be respect.For me, the reason why I come here is that i need a place to avoid some inspect.Thanks for asking.

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

There were so many people signing up today that I thought it was spam-bots. It's very difficult when I can't read the language.

We have to discuss how to do in the future.

It's about time, moderation and costs. We can't afford to be open to the whole world so we probably have to focus on a smaller region such as Europe.

@JohanEmpa I’m a real Chinese person. Please let me say something about my signing up story in this server. Just know Mastodon from my friends a few days before and know little about this platform. At beginning of the registration process, I was asked to choose an interested category/tag(?everything went so fast I couldn’t remember clearly) . Environmental issues and climate change are my concerns and research field so I chose this tag and just popped up then…I’m here.

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