Don't know if it's Chinese people or Chinese bots signing up today?

What do you think we should do with it?

Current community guidelines says:

"For practical moderation reasons we may remove post written in non-EU languages."
and our Terms says

"Our services are for people in the European union and you must live within the EU (EEA) to sign up for an account at the moment."

We will review our Community guidelines and Terms.

You can voice your opinion.


One option is to send them a warning and ask them to write in English or one of the other European languages.

Suspend has two versions:

▫️ warning -> wait and see if they are humans willing to write in English/EU languages -> suspend

▫️suspend immediately with explanation

Another option would be for you as a user to filter them out based on language.

@JohanEmpa I like this two step process but it makes a bit more work for you I think

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