It was real people.
I thought it was spam-bots because so many signed up today.

A person contacted me and said they had posted an article in China recommending us.

I'm so sorry that I suspended about 10 real people before I started asking about it. Those who appealed have had their accounts restored.

I wish we could serve the whole world, but it's not practically (economically) possible, at least not right now.

@JohanEmpa i thought you said you only had resources for ppl in Europe.. but haven't they just said they were in china?

@Sbectol That's true, we only (or barely actually) have resources for people in Europe.

This was as a gesture, so that real people who suddenly got a mail that they where suspended for spam can get back onto the platform to migrate their accounts, read my Chinese apology or speak with the person who invited them.

We have to write better guidelines together. Clear guidelines.

@JohanEmpa I see. I think you are being exceptionally generous.

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