I am new here. Does anyone know how to include different streams of mastodon servers in my feed? Or even automate the process?

It does not seem straightforward


Hi @ale and welcome.
It's not possible to follow streams of mastodon servers. You can only follow individual accounts.

The automation you're contemplating is not allowed on this server because it causes unreasonable costs. We could possible allow it if you pay for it.

If you host your own server you can set up a relay or do automation.

"A federation relay is an intermediary server that exchanges large volumes of public posts between servers that subscribe and publish to it. "

@JohanEmpa thank you for your answer. I want to explain you my use case.

I want to leverage data from public institutions located in Brussels to improve public policy. As a prototype, the plan is to get info about events, projects, research, dissemination efforts etc.

I was looking for a platform that could present the content and, if there is an interested audience, scale to provide limited interaction to users.
If these institutions post on mastodon, can i get their info in a community

So you want to improve public policy in Brussels?
But why?
- It's already good! 😁 |🇪🇺

@JohanEmpa sure but with the help of technology some process could be streamlined. I work in the bubble and there is always space for improvement in doing the job, especially if you are understaffed

So basically you want to create a semi-automated account posting event info etc?

It probably wouldn't be impossible, as long as it's not spam.

We're not sure yet how to deal with companies/organizations/bots in general. Many people want more genuine human interaction and less companies.

One option could be a rule dictating that c/o/b must post unlisted.

Another option could be to have them all on a separate server. On a subdomain such as o.mastodon.green

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