Anyone else experiencing problems with filters not working? I've tried to filter out anything cat related but I still see them, even though I've specifically mentioned the hashtags.

Are you setting them up with the Android app or the web app?

@JohanEmpa Hi Johan. Via the Android app, which takes you out to a browser page to configure the filters. E.g.


I just tried it on the computer. Now I'm depressed, not seeing cats any more, lol.

1. Tried it without the # (because you did the other way)
2. Ticking the box "home and lists"
3. Looking at that "whole word" tick box. It says alphanumeric. That may cause issues with the #, perhaps?
4. worked.

If it doesn't work without the #, it's probably a bug in the Android app.

@JohanEmpa Thanks very much for looking into that for me. I hope your cat photos have now been fully restored. 🙂

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