May I ask, why did you choose

Was it the colour? 💚
or perhaps a flip of the coin?

@JohanEmpa I was personally looking for a space with people with common interests in energy, environment, and sustainability

@JohanEmpa personally I want to be around people that value sustainability (and vote 💚 when they put up a candidate here)

@JohanEmpa What led me here was what 'green' means to me, and hoping to find a connection with other likeminded peeps. What made me really choose was the removal of CO2 by using this instance.

because you pointed about climate.
We need to know.
We must to adapt.
We should be ready

Agree with the other comments. Community of people interested in 'green' issues, and the ambition to become carbon neutral.
At least the former is now proven to work :flan_aww:

@JohanEmpa As the others have said, your environmentally friendly approach appealed to me. Also the EU part, as I normally find myself in very US-centric online spaces.

@JohanEmpa Mostly because it's focused at Europeans. But also the green part, obviously.

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