☁️☁️☁️☁️ m3 👀 !

Apparently the Tesla Berlin factory is going to burn through 9250 standard m3 natural gas per HOUR

Natural gas means fossil methane, doesn't it? yes

Well it's probably not too bad. They can probably replace any fossil gas with renewable hydrogen eventually.

How much gasoline is burned per hour driven by 500 000 cars?
🤔 Anyway it's definitely going to be good for the environment with those electrical cars.

Source: DE Wikipedia

> Natural gas means fossil methane, doesn't it?

Natural gas means methane, usually from fossil sources but not necessarily so. A small amount of methane is produced industrially from kitchen garbage or animal bi-products.

@JohanEmpa there is a huge shift away from cars in Berlin. Hopefully in 10 years Berlin looks very different and with way way less cars. More public transport, more bikes. More soace for people.

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