What is the most important Mastodon feature?

Other = comment
All = ⭐
All plus federation = :boost:

@JohanEmpa Ads are propaganda, algorithms are creating addiction, anger and isolation, billionares are leaching off of our social interactions, surveillance capitalism maximize addiction for profit.

All of them are terrible in their own right, but I dont think you can meaningfully compare them, because in todays age, they are approximately the same thing.

@JohanEmpa However, we can use a techno anarchistic analysis.

Mastodon is preferable because of its higher potential for decentralization and democracy. Also the lack of algorithms grants more autonomy for the human. This means that the human themselves are to a larger degree responsible for finding other humans they like.

On the other side, mastodon is feature bloated and therefore makes it resource heavy to branch it in new directions.


Decentralization is indeed a big benefit.

When you say that Mastodon is bloated, does it mean that you would like to see some features removed?

@JohanEmpa To be specific, mastodon is built on https which almost demands bloat from server software to serve a site in a presentable manner. In contrast, the gemini protocol makes it very easy to create lightweight server software. Look at station for instance.


@JohanEmpa All your features are rather absence of something

Yes, there are other important Mastodon features, FOSS and Federation for example. I just polled these four first.

What do you think is the most important feature?

@JohanEmpa Moderators who are close to the users and can read and understand the toots there review.

@JohanEmpa probably that one can make multiple-choice polls.

@JohanEmpa three of these things are true! One is a lie I'm afraid. While instances are largely run independently, there's a lot less protection against surveillance or capitalism than many seem to think.

@JohanEmpa I can modify the source code I run on my instance and run it on domain names and hardware I own.

I don't ever want to use a social network without a space background again.

@JohanEmpa Per-instance moderators that do the hard emotional work! Support your local instance mod!!

@JohanEmpa 1, 3 and 4.

Nitpick: as a computer scientist I'd like to modify the wording of 2 - the #fediverse "may contain traces of #algorithms", what it fortunately doesn't have is algorithmic decision making / newsfeeds etc. curated by machine learning.

@JohanEmpa it’s federated nature. An interesting middle path between centralized (obvious problems) and completely decentralized (largely impractical)

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