I'm still struggling with the scope of

The poll I did a week ago showed 50-50 between EU-regional and worldwide. Maybe it's a flip of the coin decision in the end?

The poll was simplified. There are five options:

1. EU/EEA ("EU")
2. EU/EEA/Switzerland
3. EU/EEA/Switzerland + UK, USA and Canada
4. Any country where Steady is available
5. Any country where Steady or Patreon is available ("Worldwide")

For practical reasons I'm leaning towards option 1 or 4.

@JohanEmpa I'm still a fan of option one. I want the Swiss and the Norwegians to think "we have to join the EU so we can be part of" 😂

@JohanEmpa I must have missed this I’d have voted for the first half of 3 if I could.

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