I'm doing an experiment - unless someone gives a good reason for not doing it.

The /about/more page is re-written.

Nothing changes immediately, but the text is there for you to read and have your say.

I listen to good suggestions. If no one reacts, I just go ahead with the experiment. Please ask any question you may have about this. You can also DM

Opinions from club members will of course be carefully considered. I'm so grateful that you're supporting this project.

@JohanEmpa looks great. What is not directly clear to me is how it works after 90 days free access. Will your account be closed? Suspended? Do you get a banner every 30 seconds? Or will you contact them yourself? If access were to be revoked, then I think you should describe what happens with an account that is...frozen/suspended?
The other thing is that I cannot really see how it works with a guest membership. Will that be one month for free? Can you select someone from your contacts?

@bart @JohanEmpa

The model looks good to me as well - at least worth trying. However, if the 'experiment' is 'what happens if I give people a surprise payment request after 90 days of free membership', then I expect it is not going to work. Terms must be very clearly communicated to all potential users/members from the beginning, otherwise ppl will turn away in irritation.
And indeed, I also had the same question about guest membership as Bart!

@markus_quandt @bart
Thank you for your feedback. It's meant to be clear from the beginning. No surprises.

The experiment has three main parts:
1. Size of the region
2. Membership instead of donations
3. Conversation about country- and language specific versions

You have good questions:
- What happens after the 90-day free trial?
- How does guest membership works?

I will write answers to them

Thanks for the questions. I answered them in the membership section.

Please tell me if anything remains unclear.


@JohanEmpa @bart

Looks clear enough to me!

My only thought a.t.m. (perhaps needs help by a native speaker): Could there be a better term for "guest membership"? I believe that "guest" often connotes something transitory, which is not intended here.
What about e.g. "complimentary membership" or "fellow membership" or just, very explicitly, "membership fee waiver for third persons"?

@markus_quandt @bart
Steady use the term guest, so we probably have to do the same

@markus_quandt @JohanEmpa at the moment I see Steady and as two separate entities. If I understand correctly you use one for the other but the guest membership is only with Steady (and not with mastodon) which I find a bit confusing. The emphasis should be on mastodon,right? If there is a mechanism (payment=access to mastodon) in place in between these two 'services', that distinction might become irrelevant. Am I making sense?😊

Yes, that's probably a question many people have.

Steady is a subscription service-provider. It's similar to the American company Patreon.

At the end of a persons free trial I would manually check if that user is listed as a member (or guest-member) on our Steady page. I compare the e-mail addresses.

Some people use different e-mail addresses for all websites. In that case I can ask (using the e-mail on Steady) which username that member has.


@JohanEmpa @bart
That sounds like a VERY manual process. Which means you are tacitly expecting membership to grow very slowly, and to remain much below 4-digit numbers, right?

It can be semi automated with CSV files and SQL queries etc.

The server can grow fast or slow, it depends on so many factors.


@JohanEmpa @bart

Again, I would follow Bart's thinking here, only express it more directly. That's because I'm German ;-).
My guess would be that most people understand that and Steady are entirely separate entities. You get a membership with, and Steady is just a facilitator. So, I guees there is no problem with not using Steady terminology in terms of use. (You might also need to change Steady for something else at some stage!)

@markus_quandt @JohanEmpa
Okay, I can be more direct, cuz i'm dutch ;-P
My point was: Steady and Mastodon not only seem, but really _are_ two seperate entities. I have two accounts atm. One for Steady, one for There is no single sign on. In this scenario I only get a membership with Steady, not with Mastodon, the way I understand it.
I love to support the climate, but the membership narrative still remains ambiguous for me. Not sure how to clarify it, though...

@bart @markus_quandt
You're right, it's ambiguous, I need to find a better way to explain it.

@JohanEmpa - Personally I wouldn't conduct experiments on the production system...

If I create a country- or language-specific version of it would be installed on a separate machine and exist in addition to this server.

@JohanEmpa - The experiment is nonetheless done on this machine.

What do you think is the worst case scenario? What are the risks of the experiments I wrote about?

@JohanEmpa - The problem isn't technical. It's sociological. ...or maybe psychological?

Am I in the experiment already? ...or is this a special network operation that leaves me out of it?

You make it sound a bit dramatic, I'm just testing different ways to make this server better.

There are three ongoing experiments:
1. Is the EU a good region for this server?
2. Is a membership model a good way to cover the costs of the server and the climate action that makes us .green
3. Is there an interest for additional niche versions of the server?

@JohanEmpa - Yes, the view on experiments is different depending on whether you are on the ground with a saw or sitting on a branch five meters up.

1. I would suggest Europe.

2. it would be nice to focus on making the server(s) as low-energy as possible first.

3. One niche instance could be set up for "patrons" of the instance (with the extra benefits) and another for sponsored/verified accounts for climate scientists and similar.

It's a virtual server in a data center. It's on 100 % renewable electricity. How can we lower the energy use?

@JohanEmpa the bit about 1-2 months worries me. I have ADHD and getting around to tasks, especially administrative ones, can take much longer than neurotypical people might expect.

My psychiatrist has been waiting for well over a month for a simple reply from me, in their portal, to answer their question of “how are you getting on?”

I’m sure paying for/unfreezing accounts is probably quick and easy but i suspect it will feel insurmountable obstacle at the time to me :(

ADHD is weird.

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