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Musks Twitter deal on hold. They want to double check if false or spam accounts are less than the estimated 5 %.

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It's not "the UK's" emissions. It's Cory's emissions. Mainly from a waste incineration plant in London

Norway was probably chosen because they've built a large scale CO2 storage. It took at least 8 years to plan and build

Meanwhile UK focused on Brexit. They (the government and industry) didn't have the foresight to do what Norway did. They were much closer to leave the Paris agreement than to build CCS.

to be fair it only removes it when the link also has http://www.
I noticed later that without http:// actually display is as text intead of a link.

🗜️ SQUEEZED in www in front of

➕ Community website 👀 :abunhdhappyhop:

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It seems to work on some servers but not others. Possibly - it could have something to do with Pixelfed not handling the authorized fetch mode very well.

Some people have issues searching/following accounts between Pixelfed and Mastodon.

There seems to be bugs, or something along those lines.

Pixelfed is very early software, on version 0.11

@druid Software and hardware are really going places these days. It's amazing everything that's being developed.

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Does anybody have a recommendation for a hydroeletric generator that could generate electricity from a small stream?

Zdob şi Zdub just re-invented the baseball cap. 👀

What an improvement. love it. 🥳
whole outfit is nice.


@barbara yeah, Moldova 🥳 , they have the right type of energy. and costumes

Interesting. It seems like Mérföld could be adjusted to 10 000 meter and be the same as a Mil.

There was a lot of slightly different "mil" within Sweden an Finland at the same time. Each part of Sweden had their own definition. Between 6000-14000 meter. That was before year 1665 when one standard mil (10 689 m) was introduced. ( :flan_hacker: :flan_book: wikipedia)

In 1889 it was adjusted to metric 10 km.

Speaking of units. Did you know that there is a "mile" in Swedish, the word is "mil". People use it in daily speech, but street signs has km.

"Det är 15 mil till nästa stad, men det står 150 km på skylten"

1 mil = 10 km. It used to be something else, but it was adjusted slightly when the SI system was introduced.

One highlight is how they have two different volumes for a gallon.

1 gal = 4,5 l
1 gal = 3,8 l

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