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@sep Are all those images from places you've been to?

EU has a State of the Union speech, just like USA. Too few people know about it.

It's spoken by the president of our commission, Ursula von der Leyen. Delivered yesterday.

The full speech in PDF:

Here's the video:


@clh3 Hi Calvin, I saw that you are a food literacy enthusiast.

Have you seen that some companies put the climate footprint on their food. A 90 gram burger for example has 2.2 kg CO2e and a liter of oat drink has 0.31 kg.

This startup does labelling

The burger company uses another external company to calculate the values.
Their English site doesn't have a menu, but it easy to guess your way to the numbers in the Swedish "meny"

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My local supermarket put little lights in all of their price tags for some reason (???) which is a super fun shopping experience when you have the attention span of a goldfish.

New people πŸ™‚ Welcome

Feel free to say something and mention me: @JohanEmpa to get a conversation going.

Perhaps try a "hello mastodon" as your first toot/post. Or say something about yourself or why you are on Mastodon now?

Just ask me if there is anything you want to know.

Tips: On the web you can turn on advanced mode to see more than one column.

Tusky is a good app for Android

@Rheall @Curator
sorry to include you again in this long thread.

Just saw that exist since several years ago and it's a drawing challenge.

One option for people could be to just skip this year and do instead. Or do both, or none.

I'm not an artist, life is simple.

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@Rheall @Curator

What if we do nothing in October except the last day. We start with the horrible and then go positive into ?

- all kind of drawings, including digital, not only ink?

Or we skip the horrible 2020 and go straight into next year?

Why is the world so complicated?

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@Rheall @Curator

I just saw Alphonso Dunn's video.

Not taking any side in the conflict, but perhaps we're not doing at all this year?

Even when is separate it might be too close to the word "ink" to feel good.

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- One day, One image, One Halloween theme.

What if we do this at the the last day of - ?

It could become a challenge within the challenge, or a thing on it's own.

What do you artists over at think of the idea?


The steel industry generates 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Fossile-free steel is being developed and may reduce Swedens carbon footprint by 10 %.

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Yes, Albin Social has a new follower on LinkedIn. Total 3 now. πŸ™‚

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