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TIL there are two towns in the UK whose names are both spelled Gillingham, but one is pronounced /ˈɡɪlɪŋəm/ ("hard g" * ) and the other is pronounced /ˈdʒɪlɪŋəm/ ("soft g" *) and I love that.

#linguistics #phonetics

* like in GIF.

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I should probably have added Roadbus to the options as well.

It's possible to delete and re-draft a Toot to edit the options, buut I have other things to do. Like coffee.

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You're going from A to B to take part in an important poll. What's your preferred way of travel?

If you take a normal Airbus and remove the wings, what does it become?

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first test of my new tablet! Even if I went for an affordable model it's like twice as large as my ol dead wacom bamboo, and this one has buttons?? outrageous. changing my workflow and getting used to moving my hand this much is going to take a moment, but I'm happy, it feels a bit like I've been drawing with a stick in the sand all this time and someone finally gave me a pencil and paper 😂

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This is the only Estonian word I know so far: jää-äär

Just noticed a grey image in my media tab (when using the mobile app) . It's a fairly weird sound file. The context is trying speaking German while pronouncing it like Icelandic. It's a bot speaking Swedish.

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I want non-capitalistic turn based strategy games. Which means not war (or war=game over) and not trading-for-accumulation.

What other concepts could a strategy game be built on?

Cooperation, possibly as trading for mutual benefit?
Scoring of welfare rather than wealth? (It's a game, it likely needs some kind of scoring)
Infrastructure construction and maintenance?

To be explicit, I'm asking for input and suggestions.

Wow - I watched the whole thing. Four hours of climate talks.

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