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Ingenuity, the helicopter, has 1,2 m wingspan the Perseverance rover is 2,9 m long.

It's pretty cool that NASA succeeded with it's Mars helicopter flight.

It's flying straight up 3 m and then down again.

I wonder if a substantial amount of people will stop using Chrome when they roll out to everyone? 🤔

Happy Easter! 🐣
This bird was in the park yesterday. It shouted something across the water to another bird.
Probably "Glad påsk" (happy easter)

Volkswagen should change their name to VOLTSWAGON instead of prematurely joking about changing it to Voltswagen.

It's clearly not a stick figure, because stick figures have a torso.

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It seems like there is no common English word for this type of drawing? I don't find it on the internet, and not on Wikipedia.

Almost all children draw this type of human when they are somewhere between 3-5 years old.

Maybe we have to invent a word?

As we know there is a lack of words in English that consist of two words, so we might as well add a new word to the languauge.

Perhaps something like this could be suitable:


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What can this type of drawing be called in proper English? Is it a headfooting?

In Sweden we call it huvudfoting.

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Morning watercolour :) 45 minutes. I like it more than yesterday's, it's looser. Will have a timelapse video soon :) #MastoArt

Just saw this research from Chalmers. It's a new type of battery.

It only has 20 % capacity of a normal battery, but the good thing is that it doesn't need the heavy battery part. It's like carbon fibre, you can build stuff with it, at least that's what they're aiming for.

"A structural battery is one that works as both a power source and as part of the structure – for example, in a car body."

I dropped my coffee measure and caught it, if anyone wonder about the random poll.

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Six people answered - so with zero-science we can say that 17 % of Mastodon users does not have a foot reflex.

This means that a full 17 % would not catch a baby with the foot if they dropped it. 😮

Well, it's nothing to do about that. No one drops a baby intentionally and people are born with or without reflexes. :flan_shrug:

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If you drop something, do you have a reflex to catch it with your foot?

Here is a nice map where you can look at nuclear plants in glowing green in a night time world. :flan_hacker:

You see which ones are closed and which ones are being built. You can see when they started and stopped and how many reactors.

Italy closed all their plants. Sometimes I see people on the internet complaining about Germany closing their plants, but those people never mention Italy.

⚠️ Top left is a button to activate the map for zooming.

Can the creator of a poll see who answered what?

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Found typical fennec-fox music
:flan_headphones: :flan_cool: ☀️ 🐬 🍹 🦊

Balearic Trance Mix

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