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Project Gutenberg have blocked access to all 65 000 books for people in Germany.

A German copyright holder wanted them to remove 18 books. The books are still copyright in Germany but already public domain in USA.

A court ordered that it was sufficient to block access to the 18 book for Germans.

Gutenberg blocked all 65 000 books.

I question if we should allow space tourism at all at this point in history.

At a minimum we should demand that the CO2e emissions are captured before each trip.

Those companies should be net zero and not by planting trees, by direct air capture using technology.

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I would go for A. They didn't fly an airplane to the moon. Launching yourself 100 km above ground and falling straight down again is a bit of an adventure.

But, If I could choose to stay on earth I would probably do that.

Unless, it was two weeks at the moon including a weekend trip to weightlessness in a freshly built space station. I would definitely do that.

That's the space tourism I want.*

* With renewable non combustible fuels and with a healthy sustainable earth and society below

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If you *must* travel to space. Which trip do you choose? Why?

A: Sitting inside a capsule on top of a rocket. Capsule disconnect from rocket. The capsule lands with a parachute. (Bezos)

B: Sitting in a small airplane connected to a big airplane. Small airplane boost itself out the last little bit into 'space'. Airplanes lands separately (Branson)

Space tourism seems to be the next thing? But is it worth it?

I worry that it may be bad for the climate.

Also, why is it only ten minutes? Where's the hotel?

I'm going to Hawaii 😃✈️🏝️
Surfing holiday 🏄
Staying almost an hour on the island 😎
Ten minutes on the waves :flan_cheer:

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Inkscape closing the program when you hit "save" or "save as".

1. Does it save? No.
2. Is the work gone? Yes. 🤬 😡

Watching that webinar on surveillance capitalism.

The world has decided to be a net-zero emitter as soon as possible (about 2050 or 2060)

If the world would decide to remove historical CO2 with the goal of reaching 300 ppm again, how long would it take?

During 700 000 years (before the industrial revolution) CO2 was never above 300 ppm.

That's the natural maximum when the atmosphere is in balance.

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