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Climate change 

How do you handle conversations with people (strangers) regarding , the causes and people's doubts about the reality of it? I always seem to struggle with the incorrect concepts about renewables being economically unfeasible or the problem being too big to handle "so we should just continue on" instead of taking a hard look at the fossil fuel industry..

What if microblogs had a sentence limit instead of a character limit?

Secondly, the Directive sets national limits at Member States' 2019 level for the period 2021-2023, which, after the 31th of December 2023, will gradually decrease to zero by 2030 at the latest, for high ILUC-risk biofuels, bioliquids and biomass fuels produced from food or feed crops with a significant expansion into land with high carbon stock (“high ILUC-risk fuels”).


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How is ILUC addressed in the recast Renewable Energy Directive?

Firstly, the Directive sets national limits for the total contribution towards the renewable energy targets of biofuels, bioliquids and biomass fuels produced from food or feed crops, since these fuels present a risk of causing ILUC. This limit is expressed as 1 percentage point higher than the 2020 national share of these fuels in final consumption of energy in rail and road transport... (with a maximum of 7%)

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What is indirect land use change (ILUC)?

... can occur when pasture or agricultural land previously destined for food and feed markets is diverted to biofuel production.

....which may lead to the extension of agriculture land into areas with high carbon stock such as forests, wetlands and peatlands.

This implies land use change ... and may cause the release of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 stored in trees and soil) ...


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If the video says "wait for it 🤣" I won't wait for it.

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The Eurovision Song Contest is going to be in UK next year

Data centres in EU accounted for 2.7% of electricity demand in 2018 and will reach 3.21% by 2030 if development continues on the current trajectory. (2 of 2)


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Energy consumption of data centres in the EU

2018: 76.8 TWh
Expected 2030: 98,52 TWh

That's a 28% increase (1 of 2)

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Zum #Fotomotag fallen mir zwei Sprüche ein, die oft an Telefonzellen standen: „Ruf doch mal an“ und „Fasse dich kurz“.

I re-wrote the community website. As usual it's an experiment and work in progress.

This is an idea

How works

1. You become a member to use
2. We use part of the membership fee to plant trees and remove CO2 from the air
3. You can see the results in our climate reports

Membership fees covers the cost of the server and our climate action.

As a member you get at least one free guest-membership. You can give it to anyone.

I'm playing with the thought of a 60-day free trial for new users on

A worldwide open server accumulates spam-, fake- and inactive accounts. Over time it consumes storage and server resources. It can cause other types of problems too.

With a free-trial those accounts could be deleted.

It looks like 6 of 10 people want to be worldwide instead of EU-regional.
(Literally ten people voted so far)

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