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cover for my new webcomic, which i will post here when ill finish all the pages
Its about withcraft and lawmaking in Kievan Rus around XI century. 35 pages! 7 done so far! A bit of horror! Lot of blood! I hope anyone not-from-my-cultural-circle will be interested in it. If not, shame on you,because its genuinely a good comic and I love it.

#MastoArt #webcomic #art #comic #fantasy #horror

If you're using mastodon on the computer it's possible to view hashtags in a nice three column layout like this:

With the new president it looks like USA will re join the Paris agreement. We would have EU, China and USA working in the same direction. Big things can happen.

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My new PC arrived!🤩 (Kitten not included)
I'll publish later a blog-post to describe the setup I selected and review if digital-painting/video/CGgraphics feels good with it on GNU/Linux. For now: unboxing time and install. 🐧🔧

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how did viking ships communicate with one another? 

norse code

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Mild bunny spookiness 

Only an hour to go until the final spooky 24 hrs begin ...

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These animals shouldn't be inside a house, that's clear. Can't believe that woman have them inside and even film how they pee all over the place.

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@publius "boiling mercury" is a bad answer. Aha. Ask a better question. Mmhmm?

What planet, other than Mercury, would you boil?

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I have no idea what is happening with men and my bike but I saw a lot of them fixate on my fat bike tires when I go for rides. Is this some kind of "male gaze" for bikes? 🤣

Einride is a cool truck being made in Sweden. They call it a pod for some weird reason.

It's a mix between autonomous truck and remote controlled truck. So it drives by itself, but a human can sit in an office and drive it remotely when needed. Perhaps on the real roads 2023.

Driving starts at 5:37

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TIL there are two towns in the UK whose names are both spelled Gillingham, but one is pronounced /ˈɡɪlɪŋəm/ ("hard g" * ) and the other is pronounced /ˈdʒɪlɪŋəm/ ("soft g" *) and I love that.

#linguistics #phonetics

* like in GIF.

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I should probably have added Roadbus to the options as well.

It's possible to delete and re-draft a Toot to edit the options, buut I have other things to do. Like coffee.

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