did y'all hear about the British grocery store that installed some tilework to advertise fractal broccoli, and it was so beautiful it was immediately declared a world heritage site? if you get a chance you should absolutely go see the romanesco fresco at the UNESCO Tesco

> As well as cancelling his Spotify subscription and taking down most of his music catalogue, [Sameer Gupta is] now encouraging others to do the same by offering a 95-percent discount on his "entire Bandcamp" to "anyone else who is cancelling their Spotify." "This has been a long time coming anyway but the Spotify CEO's desire to invest in war AI tech was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back," Gupta told RA.



On one hand, I really want more of my favourite Twitter accounts to migrate here, but on the other, I kind of love how many niche interests I'm being exposed to by the people organically attracted to principles.

Excited to participate in the inevitable big beat revival.

@MarkoCindric I think this approach is key intrying to make people care about climate change as well: they would be much more interested if the Earth, or its plants, animals, ecosystems, etc. would be treated as beings worthy of compassion rather than lifeless matter

"How can humanity create relations with AI without an ontology that defines who can be our relations? Humans are surrounded by objects that are not understood to be intelligent or even alive, and seen as unworthy of relationships. In order to create relations with any non-human entity, not just entities which are human-like, the first steps are to acknowledge, understand, and know that non-humans are beings in the first place." –


Added Donna Haraway to my reading list this week and am already overwhelmingly excited about it!

Looks like finally fixed the bug I was encountering when using Addressable Assets in builds! 😈🛠️🌐

From a privacy standpoint, is there greater hypothetical risk to joining instances hosted in "Five Eyes" nations versus elsewhere?

So many hours of my life wasted troubleshooting bugs that wouldn't exist had I just accepted that I should stick to LTS releases. 😅

I’m talking specifically here about this app called Transit that constantly requests access to my fitness data so it can tell me if I need to (no joke) run faster to make it to my bus / streetcar on time.

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It’s only once I started disabling permissions on my phone’s apps that I realized how many of them openly complain to you if they’re not granted full, constant access to things like location services, camera, etc. Like, constant tooltips about how “my experience could be improved.” 🙄

and Broadcom have done an excellent job of preventing me from running distros on my 2017 MacBook Pro. So much forum trawling this past week and I still can't get Zorin OS to establish a Wi-Fi connection, proprietary drivers or otherwise. 😞

we are all a part of a vast and holy body, whose lifetime is that of the biosphere entire. but something jealous and deadly divides us, makes us use our individuality against each other, blinds us to the scale of our true form. this foul spirit claims it has lived forever, will live forever, but i tell you with all certainty: this monstrous parasite is dying all around us, and a greater, brighter future stands tall beyond its demise.

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And I thought *I* was having a bad time with this Mercury retrograde. 😂

Someone recommended the SimEarth manual as noteworthy and I was like “oh, sure, it’ll just have some basic biology fluff” and instead it immediately slams you with “IN ORDER TO HAVE A HOLISTIC UNDERSTANDING OF OUR BIOSPHERE, YOU MUST FIRST UNDERSTAND THE LIVING GODDESS EARTH”

There's something particularly disheartening to me about the fact that academia can't extricate itself from capitalistic grind culture; I feel like that practically guarantees that certain paths of exploration will be overlooked in favour of those of least resistance.

Clearly nobody understands me as well as I thought they did because I hadn't been introduced to Everything But The Girl before this past week. 😂

(Disclaimer: I've been to many nights where my friends would DJ the Todd Terry remix of "Missing" — but that's not even the best one!)

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