"Modern" websites consist of:

1. Trackers
2. More trackers
3. Cookie popups (They wouldn't need this if it weren't for the trackers)
4. Intentional annoying popups (Sign up to our newsletter, "Sign up to this Page using Google/Facebook", etc.)
6. Advertisements!
7. More Advertisements
8. Fancy (but useless and unnecessary) widgets
9. Finally, the content you were looking for (Less than 15% of the page)

Oh also:

Login buttons, Fancy styling, Useless animations, Search bars and many other things.

It's ridiculous that websites are made this way, to intentionally sabotage the user and to not care about ethical design.

These "additions" introduce technical, ethical and accessibility problems and are not useful.

So design your site with accessibility and ethical tech in mind first!

@oklomsy All of this costs ridiculous amounts of energy. Advertising really accelerates climate change and has always done so (even when it was limited to print). And that doesn't even take into consideration the unnecessary crap it's trying to sell us.

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