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Oh, so this server doesn't federate with Pleroma

@megymagy and @wakame, I wanted to follow you but can't.

That's kinda sad.

All that was achieved is that now I have two accounts

Okays so now I live at please follow me there thanks.

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@rgegriff yeah, I'm not interested in the "x is millions times more powerful than moon lander"

sorry, but the Apollo 11 computer is more powerful because of what it did with so little

great, you got a pocket computer with some apps, cool

some teens repaired an old laptop to run their community garden automated irrigation system? now that's powerful

In the meantime, in Somalia:

This really feels like it may turn into a World War.

I'm trolling my econ teacher but she's a capitalist so it's still fun

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@thegibson We should revive the ancient art of fully paid sabbaticals

Humans were not meant to work 12 months of the year regardless of weather. Give me summers off or winters off. Either one, just at least 3 months a year off

I managed to download everything I wanted, gonna throw them on my MP3-player and I'm done.

Gotta love having to fix up a broken spotify download script to get it to finally work

Okay my ISA's not gonna have autoincrement or autodecrement addressing. It's just too much complexity for too little benefit.

It'll *maybe* have offsets.

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Sex is great and all, but have you ever been hugged when you felt lonely?

Yeah, me neither.

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Crypto is good.

Oh you're offended? This may be because the term is occupied by currency and blockchain bros to a point where most people do not see any difference any more and start barking.

Crypto is short for cryptography, not for currency, and that's awesome stuff.

Not convinced? Without crypto you get

* No "secure" messages
* No password manager
* Your accounts free for the taking - everywhere
* Your messages public - for everyone

Let's see how many bots I can lure out.

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if you can get tackled, ziptied, and arrested by agents of the state for protesting the state without their permission, do you *really* have the right to protest? does it make it better or worse, knowing that *they knew* the charges wouldn't stick, and they just wanted to beat you and strip you of your humanity because you spoke out of turn?

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17 days till the suits pretend to care about our rights

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It's ok to try something and have it not work out.

A new name, pronouns, even a gender label might've seemed right, but actually wasn't.

It wasn't a waste. You learned and grew a lot in the process.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride #questioning #labels

I just saw a woman board the tram with a Blåhaj in her hands and this is really funny for some reason

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I'm sick of being around cars, having to hear cars, see cars, breathe their fumes, worry about getting hit by them, walk around parked cars when I wanna cross the street, hear people talk about cars, live in a city that's built around cars cars cars cars cars...

I've got the basic ideas behind my processor done. It's not a full design, but I wanna ask for comments here.

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