@analoguelife when developing analogue photos, isn't there some low level toxic solution involved in that? Like silver?? What happens to it afterwards, does it go down the drain or is it recycled? Not that I think it's bad, I'm just curious.

Perhaps it's no worse than all household cleaning chemicals.

@JohanEmpa - The developer for film gets reused many times over mostly. I try to use modern eco developers which are much less toxic than in the old days overall.

Silver is probably less of an issue than other contaminants.

The real issues occur with the Fixer, used to make the image permanent whether on paper or film. Fixer has the most toxic components, but again it is used over and over. I use approx 1000ml concentrate over a year or longer at a dilution of 1+4 & 1+9 in my case.


@JohanEmpa - Dilutions of developer also are so small that for myself down the drain is not an issue, except, we have a septic tank, so I bottle my residue and dispose in our woodland directly. Some areas though have strict requirements in these regards however.

Overall, I would say that what I use is such small amounts in such high dilutions that it doesn't have an impact on the soil where I dispose. Main thing for me is that I keep it out of the septic system.


@JohanEmpa - Also very wise to both ask locally to where one lives wjhat the rules are and for your own safety read any documentation regards handling.

This year I will begin to mix my own chemistry, and dealing with fine powders requires use of PPE and ventilation.

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