Salt Print update.

I made the best print yet. This is my baseline in terms of negative, process.

Time and experimentation will tell, but for now I aim to make a series of prints with the same result.

Old Boat 2. Jan 2021.
4" x 6".
Bergger COT320

The recipe:
100% sol Loch Nevis, Scotland sea-water +
2g Sodium Citrate

1ml 10% sol Silver Nitrate +
1ml 6% sol Citric Acid

24 min Exposure

1st wash in sea-water
2nd wash tap water
Fix: Sodium Thiosulphate
3rd wash tap water

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@analoguelife I’m going to try salt too, thanks for the recipe!

@vedostuu - you'll need 2g/100ml Sodium Chloride in lieu of the sea-water, if you don't have access to that. Any good Sea Salt flakes from the store will suffice or you can use photographic grade Sodium Chloride.

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