From here, it looks posterized. Is that what it looks like on your end? Doesn't appear to have any subtle gradations. That doesn't make it bad unless that's not what you want.

@Photorat - Probably not a good subject in some ways. There is a lot of lichen on the tree which is what softens the edges. It will never look photogenic in the 'normal' sense though.

Getting both contrast and density on the negative right is key with Salt Prints. Both have to be a LOT higher than with siver gelatin process.

But, hey, I'm a half doz prints into a process that some take years to master.. 😉

Ack! I can't get Loch Nevis seawater! You have a proprietary blend!

@Photorat -you'll have to use Pacific Ocean instead or revert to straight Sodium Chloride.

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