Salt Print update.

I made the best print yet. This is my baseline in terms of negative, process.

Time and experimentation will tell, but for now I aim to make a series of prints with the same result.

Old Boat 2. Jan 2021.
4" x 6".
Bergger COT320

The recipe:
100% sol Loch Nevis, Scotland sea-water +
2g Sodium Citrate

1ml 10% sol Silver Nitrate +
1ml 6% sol Citric Acid

24 min Exposure

1st wash in sea-water
2nd wash tap water
Fix: Sodium Thiosulphate
3rd wash tap water

I teleported to the current century and took this stitched panorama this afternoon.

Home. Jan 2021.
Sony A5100 + Pentax SMC 35/2.8.
4 images stiched with Hugin.

Before and after toning with Selenium.

I toned as a chance experiment really. If I had got it out of the toner faster, it initially had an increase in contrast too, before it bleached back....

The Salt Process for me is right at the beginning really, so I am learning what I can produce with the basic inputs with an intention to build on these results.

At least I am getting images, even if tone/contrast, coating technique needs work...

Old Boat. Jan 2021.
Bergger COT320 paper.

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Spent today starting to calibrate digital neg's/printer ink densities/printing times for the Salt Process.

I'm about to begin round 2 of that process....

Here is my 1st attempt.

Bergger COT320 paper.

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