Things that are good for me are usually about going away from a computer, be outside, share bread with people and talk and laugh. Work in the garden and harvest some beans or carrots or tomatoes or potatoes. Talk with neighbours about the garden, the weather, or even soil.

At 'federated' I saw companies having an account. At signing on I could check a box if this was to be a bot account....
I guess I may not be all that interested in this way to use this platform....

Do you know alternatives?

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@bart - Well, I saw your post.

...but alas, I prefer vim... ;)

My own hobbies are even more obscure, I guess, but there are a lot of things that I like (and like talking about).

@bart - oh. ...and I started with origami when I was 7, or something like that.

@bart the federated timeline is a somewhat arbitrary snapshot of what happens in other instances (there are a few fairly large ones)

mastodon (and the fediverse more generally) are not easy to get, cause they are more like seeds than grown trees. The software evolves (slowly), new instances are setup with their tweaks or choices, various random people walk-in, everything is quite thinly populated compared to social media

You could try setting up and experiment with your own instance

@bart if it's "about the garden, the weather, or even soil", I am interested.

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