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👋 I am Bodo, Father of a 4-year-old, working as a Full-Stack Freelancer in Berlin.

I am a CODA, and I'm the admin of

Besides that, I have two other bigger side projects: and

Microsoft Teams: We did it, we created the most annoying software on this planet. It feels nearly usable, has a lot of UX inconstancies, and crashes at the worst moments.

Microsoft Azure DevOps: Hold my beer.

If you click on share in the latest iOS Safari you can click on an option button above and select PDF. That way you can share articles behind paywalls. Thank you apple 🥰.

Time tracking is now mandatory in german companies. Trust based systems are now officially illegal. Which is good because most of the time they led to exploitation of workers.

Lazy Sunday german podcast recommendation:

Ehrenwort, a podcast about historic scandals

Step 1) making it hard for people to organize a vote for a workers' council
Step 2) fire the people who organized it because “they worked too many hours on organizing the vote”


Thanks Lieferando

Context: the company has to pay the working hours of those organizing the vote

Now that StableDiffusion can be run on any ones computer with a big enough GPU, we all need to start educating the broader public about this technology and its implications on trustworthiness of images. Journalists, it’s your time to shine now.

Every time I think I have installed all video chat solutions that companies are using, a new meeting invite with yet another software appears in my inbox 🫠

To everyone with a Steam Deck: is it worth it’s price? I received a link to buy it but am not 100% sure if I should click it.

Do you need a polyglot developer who can write Ruby, Elixir and Typescript? My current gig working on a React Native App with a Ruby Backend comes to an end this month

I am available for freelance projects starting on the 1st of September. 

Please RT for reach 😊

Okay Microsoft Teams, can you please tell me who of the 30 people in this chat exactly is out of office? Maybe a link in that line would be nice? Pretty please? This is *not* helpful.

Climate change example picture. There was water here a year ago. One meter. Just gone. 😥

Another proof humans are stupid: everyone fights for the parking place next to the entrance at IKEA. You all really want to haul the stuff you bought all the way from the exit to there, hm? Meanwhile, I am parking at the exit with tons of space around me 😅

Starting 2024 all new cars sold in Europe need a system that limits the car to the allowed speed. If you ever tried to drive not faster than the allowed speed in Berlin, you will know this will be an interesting experiment 🤪.

And yes:

Bike, walking, public transportation > electric cars, but saying gasoline is the ONLY solution in 2022, with everything going on right now, is a bit … stupid.

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Every person who drives an EV comes to this realisation sooner or later: most people who approach you and ask questions do not want to hear your real experience with driving such a car, they just want to tell you that EV do not work and gasoline is the only valid solution 🙈.

If you also found out that doodle removed the free tier, this open source hosted alternative might come in handy:

Important rule about API design: never expose user data with iterable IDs. That basically invites script kiddies to get *all* data from your API with a super small script.

After working with code that uses the Trailblazer gem for nearly a year I now can sum up why I don’t like it:

It makes easy things a tiny little bit easier, but everything else way way harder. Add crappy documentation and you are in for a lot of pain.

Star Trek: Stange New World is really the best Trek in a LOOOONG Time. Loving the Alien inspired episode.

I think I will now add 15% to my hourly rate if you force me to use Microsoft Teams 🤪

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