First ICE trip in 2 years. Let’s see how the ICE wifi has changed and if the LTE now works everywhere 🤡

Android Studio: please upgrade Gradle

React Native after said update:

I don’t blame the parents. It’s the app that presents faulty crowdsourced information as scientific facts when in truth, lots of their information is just garbage data filled with half-truths aimed to scare people.

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In the last couple of years I had tons of discussions with freaked out parents. They compared products based on that app and tried to convince others that certain products were bad and should be replaced. When in fact the product they chose was way worse.

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@bascht what is starship? Also: i am using topgrade ( to update everything. Works like a charm.

If you want to see Eurovision without that sexist German commentator, watch it in English here:

You are welcome.

Reminder that is full of factual errors and no reliable source for anything. It’s really a miracle they haven’t been sued out of existence yet.

If you need some escapism: the Eurovision Song Contest starts today 💃 🕺 🚨

Am I the only one to think this is a Star Trek Ad? Was disappointed when I read what it was actually saying.

OMG Ncuti Gatwa will be the next Doctor Who 🥰🥰🥰

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Wo nehme ich eigentlich ständig die Zeit her mich mit dem Scheiß zu beschäftigen?

@halfbyte I didn't want to buy too much so I opted out and am in line for the steam deck.

@halfbyte really curious how the playdate will influence the indie game market.

@bascht JavaScript repo with dependabot? I merged 30 of those today 😅.

@lukasbisdorf Elixir mit Phoenix liveviews sind schon ziemlich nice.

@maschinentraum we just wait till everything is published and then binge 😅. Luckily nobody spoiled anything on social media till now. 🤞🤞🤞

@maschinentraum yes. This year they actually managed to focus on great quality stuff.

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