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Now I would really love to see what the supreme court would think of a teacher doing a muslim prayer.

For sure one of the best german comics this year: „Trip mit Tropf“.


Whats needed: a device like TV-be-gone but for Bluetooth boxes 😊

Do I know someone here in Berlin who could print me this little thing:

Where I like magic: movies and books
Where I hate magic: programming code

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Seit 2020 können Ärzt*innen Apps verschreiben. Wir haben uns zwei Anbieter angeschaut – und kommen zu einem vernichtenden Ergebnis:

Navigation menu of most pages targeted at dads:

[kids] [job] [money] [career] [random other hobbies]

Why?! Your main focus should be the kids, because of Dad focus?! Why is everything else more important than the kids stuff?

Reminder for Berlin Folks: Sunday is the big ADFC Bike thing, so please do not try to drive your car and use other means of transportation.

After watching Ms Marvel I have to watch Scott Pilgrem again 🥰.

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ich habe in den letzten tagen actually a few messages von hörenden menschen bekommen & ich bemerke, dass viele nicht verstehen, warum gehörlose menschen & die, die die gebärdensprache können so defensiv und fast schon über-enthusiastisch über said language werden (weißt, nach dem motto „ist ja nur eine sprache wie jede andere").

äähhh, dazu paar worte. buckle up y'all for a lil ride with some ✨ historic spices: ✨

If you only get 1 of 80 points during a food safety inspection, you should never be allowed to work in that industry again 😱


A fact that might blow the mind of some people:

A 6-year-old and a 3-year-old can legally travel using the subway system together in Berlin without a parent.

As long as one of the kids is above 6, everything is fine.

Because not enough people know this: there is a vaccination against bladder infections. It is successful in at least 50% of the cases and worth a try. I really don’t understand why not more doctors offer it by themselves. Most people I know had to ask for it 😢.

Star Trek: Strange New World is finally a Trek show I enjoy. Back to the old formula, but a bit updated to modern viewing habits. 🥰🥰.


Reminder that conferences are a risk you should calculate careful. At least stay away from loved ones when you return for a couple of days.

RailsConf had at least 28 positive cases during and after. All PCR tested vaccinated. Stay safe out there.

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Bestellt eure #9EuroTickets bitte beim hiesigen Verkehrsunternehmen. Hilft deren Statistik und bei den Geldern, die hinterher als Ausgleich fließen sollen.

Kid wakes me up at 5:30 to ask me: “How does it feel to have a penis” 😅

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Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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Evolution of the web:

Web 2: we have a solution, let's find a problem for it

Web 3: we have a solution, let's invent a super weird and highly specific problem that nobody has and try to make everyone believe they actually need this.

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