#Google legal team have banned #OpenSource contributors living in Russia, Belarus, and occupied Ukraine from participating in Summer of Code. That'll really teach Putin a lesson...



That climate anxiety you're feeling? There's a good chance it's because of internalised individualism, and can be reframed.

Effective climate action is collective action.

An insightful thread by Elizabeth Sawin:


Will we ever see the return of An Bonnan Bui to the shores of Lough MacNean? bbc.co.uk/newsround/60911678

Nice comparison of turbulence in a Baltic Sea algae bloom and storm clouds on Jupiter showing the same structures


#space #ocean #turbulence #physics #nasa

When Wikileaks bumped into the CIA: Operation Kudo exposed streaming.media.ccc.de/rc3/rel Andy crticises the good and bad from a recent Yahoo article (news.yahoo.com/kidnapping-assa) and reconstructs the surveillance of Assange in London, sharing evidence from ongoing trials

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