#Google legal team have banned #OpenSource contributors living in Russia, Belarus, and occupied Ukraine from participating in Summer of Code. That'll really teach Putin a lesson...



That climate anxiety you're feeling? There's a good chance it's because of internalised individualism, and can be reframed.

Effective climate action is collective action.

An insightful thread by Elizabeth Sawin:


@bikejourno Jingo! Collective punishment is a war crime but then again NATO are up for that as well. Down with Putin and down with NATO!

Will we ever see the return of An Bonnan Bui to the shores of Lough MacNean? bbc.co.uk/newsround/60911678

Nice comparison of turbulence in a Baltic Sea algae bloom and storm clouds on Jupiter showing the same structures


#space #ocean #turbulence #physics #nasa

When Wikileaks bumped into the CIA: Operation Kudo exposed streaming.media.ccc.de/rc3/rel Andy crticises the good and bad from a recent Yahoo article (news.yahoo.com/kidnapping-assa) and reconstructs the surveillance of Assange in London, sharing evidence from ongoing trials

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