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Figuring out Mastodon, I saw that it's a good practice to write an post. Here it goes.

I work for a small in Digital located in the centre of the Netherlands. I work here for almost 10 years.

I spend my free time mostly studying. Currently, I'm finishing my Master's Degree () in Industrial-Organisational .

When I'm not working or studying, I like read, , play or games. The general geekery stuff... ;)

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Führen Rekordtemperaturen und anhaltende Trockenheit zu Bränden? Die Frage wird im Netz kontrovers diskutiert. Die Hitze allein ist dafür nicht verantwortlich, aber sie begünstigt andere Faktoren. Von Andrej Reisin.
Hitzewelle: Waldbrände durch hohe Temperaturen?

"I meant," said Ipslore bitterly, "what is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?"
Death thought about it.
"CATS, he said eventually. CATS ARE NICE."
Quote from Sourcery by Terry Pratchett.

By blocking food distribution centres, the famers now contribute to unnecessary CO2 emissions because perfectly good perishable food now gets destroyed. Nobody wins in this scenario.

Another part in our country's NOx and NH3 saga.

The logic of the farmers is this: because they were duped into upscaling farms by banks and dairy cooperations instead of the recommended downscaling by scientific studies who warned for ecological damage, they now decide to pester the electorate and retail sector.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you, you might get . Get mad at those who duped you into this.

Some people are so so stupid.

It seems that today is a good day to hide under a rock and wait until everyone has calmed down a bit again. sigh.

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If you're using Mastodon through the website, you can automatically filter out posts with certain words or phrases.

Go to Preferences > Filters > Add new filter, then fill in the form with the details and click the "add new filter" button.

This can be useful if you want to avoid certain topics on your timeline.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips

More on this:

I'm really done with this. Instead of wasting energy on trying ignore the inevitable, try to cooperate and find solutions to stop nature from getting destroyed.

(end of rant)

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I get it that it a bitter pill to swallow and that the impact is huge, but this was 20 years in the making and looking the other way hasn't solved anything.

Raised in the countryside, I have always been sympathetic towards farmers. When I see the the hostility, the threathening of politicians who are trying to do their jobs, ignoring police and the law, terrorising ordinary citizens who just try to get to work, my sympathy is dwindling rapidly to zero.

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Farmers in my area (central part of The Netherlands) are mad because they are asked to reduce their NOx emissions. They are blocking highways and threaten politicians.

We are a small country, highly populated, but compared to other EU countries, livestock is huge due to intensive husbandry. Some farmers have thousands of cattle near vulnerable ecosystems. The farming sector accounts for half of the emissions. (1/2)

I'm crossing the sea from to . I will be deleting my Goodreads account soon. Feel welcome to follow me on Bookwyrm at

Listened to a concerto at the Bree stage on the Landroval server yesterday evening. Now Vivaldi's "Spring" is stuck in my head. It's awesome that this is possible with 's music system. Kudo's to the Lonely Mountain Band / Andune Ensemble for performing this.

Jumping back in The Lord of the Rings Online with some of my friends. It's a ton of fun seeing them react to plot twists.

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#InventingAnna : #onthisday vor drei Jahren wurde Anna "Delvey" #Sorokin verurteilt. Während sie zur Zeit noch auf ihre #Abschiebung nach Deutschland wartet, hat #Netflix schon mal ihre Geschichte verfilmt - und einiges hinzugedichtet. Hier sind die Radioberichte vom echten #Urteil : #Justiz

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This is the image we want to celebrate today.

Linda, a young mother, speaking about the future of Europe while holding her baby born halfway through the conference.

An image far more powerful than any military parade in the streets of Russia.

#EuropeDay | #TheFutureIsYours

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Just wondering: is there a way to link to a fediverse/mastodon account using html? Just like one would do for email. It would give one the option to follow the blog from their fediverse account using their standard app.

That way I could add a button next to the RSS way of subscribing to my blog for peeps

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IIt's important to note that Masto (and the fediverse) is not an 'alternative Twitter'. It's an entirely different platform that has its own unique culture. We don't chase likes or follows or popularity, we don't present as brands or 'personalities'. We care about each others' personal lives and wholesome engagement on a more individual level.

If you're going to use a Masto to Twitter crossposter, please keep this in mind, and ideally, cross post from here to there, and not there to here.

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For those new to the Fediverse, it's worth mentioning that moving between instances is super-easy, especially on Mastodon.

I started on in 2017, moved to, and then have been on for the past couple of years.

The main benefit of finding your niche is that the local timeline becomes a pre-curated stream of interesting toots! 🎉

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