Hello people! I'm new here & having a look around. At the moment I'm looking for interesting people to follow, so I can get a sense of the place. I'm a musician (; other chief interests are books (fave authors Le Guin, George Eliot, Dickens...), environmentalism, photography, nature/walking, utopian thinking. My work formerly took me all over the globe, but since 2011 I've chosen to play only in places I can get to by train. Home is lovely North Yorkshire.

@jacobheringman As soon as you have found at least one interesting profile, have a look at their followers and who they follow. Follow them all :) You can always unfollow later. Give it a bit of time. You don’t have to frantically check your timeline. Once a day or even a week is the better approach. You’ll be surprised how a slow but steady approach results in a fascinating timeline. Hope this helps and welcome!

@jacobheringman You’re welcome! I hope you find this to be an inspiring and nice place to share and discuss!

@jacobheringman Hey! I’m currently studying classical double bass and I’m very curious how people manage to make a living from playing music. What kinds of gigs do you play as a lutenist? Do you have something to fall back on?

@joelhed Hi Joel! I do some teaching (mainly one-on-one), both in person and via Zoom. That's my only fallback. Good luck to you!

@joelhed You asked about gigs. I do a few solo recitals, a lot of song accompanying and other small ensemble work, performing both here in the UK and abroad.

@jacobheringman hi Jacob. Thanks for the introduction. This morning I've been listening to your music and am in awe as it's a genre I've never encountered before. Welcome :-)

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