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Velocipede Rider is a cyclist, unicyclist, Penny Farthing rider and also uses other two wheeled unpowered vehicles. You can follow at:

➡️ @ruari

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Hello toot friends, I bring #antiLawn memes.
I'm hoping to radicalise you all against the boring monoculture lawn and turn you into biodiversity defenders.

Some thoughts on isolation and making #music with others. This is from April 2020 and was my first dip into @jacobheringman 's website linked in his profile. I'll be back to read more and look forward to some listening too.

Hey #Fediverse, here's a #tip. Be aware of those who surround you, and remember to use the #ContentWarning button.

It's simple: you click or tap on the CW button, fill the small space above the toot with one or more words summarizing the content, write the toot and post.

This will help people stay afloat by avoiding overexposure to #TrendingTopics, and also avoid mentally deteriorating #triggers for those who are recovering and have survived.

Here's a list of common #warning words:

uspol / ukpol / itapol / pol (anything political)
depression / mental health (mh)
violence / sexual violence
food, alcohol

Boost this around! Let's get through this together! :boosts_ok:

Feel free to add more under this toot! Let's make this as complete and exhaustive as possible.

Please feel free to use any photos I post on .art as #ArtReference, with the following caveats:

1) Please don't sell my actual photos, without a substantial change to the work. I'm fine with use as reference, remixing, glitch-art, etc, for commercial use as long as what you're selling isn't just "my work".

2) You may *not* use my work (or any derivative) for anything related to NFTs or crypto. If you insist on setting the world on fire with your pyramid scheme, do it off your own creativity.

Would a kind person possibly explain verification to me? I don't quite understand the instructions on the "edit profile" page. I've attempted to put in my personal website, which seems to have worked, but is it automatically "verified", or do I have to do something? I've also put in a pixelfed address (an account which I've only just opened), but I suspect I haven't formatted it correctly. Any advice appreciated. Thanks friends

Hey, all! Time for an .

I’m coming to you from Atlanta, GA, US with interests in sustainability, science, and statistics. I enjoy reading books, listening to podcasts, learning for the fun of it, and getting outside. I pay the bills doing data science for an e-commerce company.

It’s only been a few days, but I’ve enjoyed the community so far. It seems there are good people here. Hat tip to @JohanEmpa for the ambition and effort required to build and maintain

Okay, let's try this thing:

I write lots of , former researcher, currently doing things.

Interested in production and other things that might help not to burn our planet. Like , and distributed production.

I like , and , not necessarily in that order.

Read , listen to and , own a machine. And a . And boxes full of half-finished projects.

Hello people! I'm new here & having a look around. At the moment I'm looking for interesting people to follow, so I can get a sense of the place. I'm a musician (; other chief interests are books (fave authors Le Guin, George Eliot, Dickens...), environmentalism, photography, nature/walking, utopian thinking. My work formerly took me all over the globe, but since 2011 I've chosen to play only in places I can get to by train. Home is lovely North Yorkshire.

Just realised that as a result of moving instances my pinned #introduction toot is no longer visible. So ...
Here goes ... first of all I’m Vegan, Astronomer, Amateur photographer, Atheist, Caledophile. Petanque player. Politics: Green (#FBGP). "Lord Darcy" on Geocaching.
Inveterate booster of posts, particularly UK and European politics but occasionally come up with original content.
Friends just call me Paul, please do the same.