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No electricity this morning. Another reminder of how dependent we are on infrastructure....

If you can face a visit to YouTube, here's a new video my colleagues and I made in Madrid in March:

Me playing in Blizne, eastern Poland last October (before the invasion of Ukraine)

your prefered date format?

(pls boost)

Social media is a lot more enjoyable when you don't concern yourself with follower numbers and stuff. Just post things and interact with others and you'll slowly build your circle of friends. :vlpn_happy:

@ruari Later, he wrote: It may be because of this:

We have that.

"Unfortunately, secure mode is not without its drawbacks, which is why it is not enabled by default. Not all software in the fediverse can support it fully, in particular some functionality will be broken with Mastodon servers older than 3.0"

[Over my head, but for now I'll simply accept that connecting from with someone (myself) on simply doesn't work at the moment.]

Johan wrote: There seems to be a number of issues on the Pixelfed side. The software is on v0.11, so there may be bugs and problems with interoperability.

This issue is the same as one of your screenshots: - - the fix is something only the pixelfed admin can do.

This one is about follow requests not working properly:

Unable to follow:

can't see posts:

A reading list I made of Palestinian speculative fiction and non-fiction (incl. essays, poetry, short and long form fiction) available in English:

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